Day 3: Never-ending piles of stuff.

Not attractive, Insta worthy photo’s.  But I do sometimes share this type of image on social media in the interests of honesty.  It’s the reality of family life.  The bit that people don’t really own up to when they feel like they have to live up to the perfection that is portrayed on Social media.

Lets be honest we all have moments of chaos and mess – don’t we?  I hope it’s not just me!    It’s impossible not to create endless piles of washing up, laundry and ‘stuff’ that needs to be put away.  That work is never ‘done’ – while you’re sorting out one pile another one is building up.

It’s easy to look upon it as drudgery, endless, thankless tasks.  But it’s a by product of a busy life, not having time to keep on top of it means we must be spending our time doing more interesting, fun or fulfilling things.

I’m always happy to welcome friends and family into our home (When we’re not social distancing in the midst of a global pandemic!) but they have to take us as they find us.  I like clean and tidy surroundings but if our visitors  happen to find us in a not tidy moment, that’s fine.  They came to see us, not give us marks out of 10 for housework (or if they did that’s weird to me but whatever makes them happy!).

Life will slow down one day, we won’t have to work so much and the children will have their own homes.  We’ll have all the time in the world to keep on top of chores then and we’ll probably miss the chaos and hustle and bustle of this stage of our lives.

Now I’d better go and fold the washing – or maybe I’ll have a cup of tea first.



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