Day 4:Comfortable in Their Own Skin



One of the main things I’ve always wished for my children is to be comfortable in their own skin.  To be happy in themselves and able to express themselves.

I love that these two couldn’t care less what people think about them in this picture.  They’re confident enough in themselves to let people think what they like.

Someone at school once told Harrison he was gay for having long hair, his reaction was to laugh and say something along the lines of ‘yeah, wanna kiss?’    It stopped any potential bullying in its tracks, he clearly didn’t care what they thought and embraced the idea that his appearance caused people to question their perceptions.

They’ve got long hair because thats how they like it.  Their appearance might challenge stereotypes but that must be a good thing.

They’re wearing lipstick and eyeshadow because they were mucking about with mates in the dressing room at youth theatre.  Truth be told I suspect it might have been a good excuse to get closer to some of those mates!  There was a mix of girls and boys there, they’re all great friends and if someone them end up more than mates then what a wonderful way to progress from friendships to romantic relationships.  The gender doesn’t matter.  The way they all look out for each other, support each other and have a great time together is what matters.


Steph x

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