Day 5: Bloody Mother’s Day


Mothers Day 2020 was going to be a bit weird anyway, with Corona 19 starting to turn the world upside down.  I drove to see my Mum (from a distance) and leave her a card and present.   I’d just got there when I had a call from Harrison saying “I’ve cut my thumb – quite badly, there’s a lot of blood.”  He was on a shore, the closest I could drive was a 10 minute walk away from where he was, which was 20 minutes from where I was.  I told him to keep calm – he was anyway.  I told him to wrap anything he had around it – he’d already wrapped his t-shirt round it.  I told him to put pressure on and  elevate it – he was.  Thank You Scouts for the first aid training!

We left my Mum a bit dazed at our fleeting visit and drove to the closest point we could and got out to walk, but there he was trudging along the footpath.

When we got him home and had a look it was a deep cut, but not too deep.  No major damage, no tendons severed (I assumed as he still had full movement). He’d also got a small cut on his finger but not so bad.  We decided not to put extra pressure on theNHS and keep ourselves away from potential Covid exposure and not go to A&E.  I cleaned it up and applied Steri-strips to hold it together, put a clean dressing on and hoped that the strips didn’t fall off as they were the only ones we had.

How did he do it?  splitting the end of a stick with his knife to push a flint he’d knapped into the end to make an arrow.  His knife was sharper and more efficient than he thought and split the whole stick – and his thumb and finger.

A whole range of parental emotions comes over you at times like this – mainly relief he’s ok along with annoyance at the stupidity of his actions, being mildly impressed that he knew how to make a flint arrow, glad of his clear thinking and sensible actions (after the daft ones!), gratitude for his immediate understanding that he’d been a bit daft (no need for lectures and punishment) and for his apology and humour at his enjoyment of a bloody T-shirt.

He apologised for causing inconvenience, then used the bloody T-shirt to create an apocalypse costume!  The total randomness of a teenage boy never ceases to amaze me!

IMG_9930 (1)

Stay safe,


Steph x

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