Day 6: The call: ‘Don’t worry but…’


I think I was on my way home from work when I got the call.  The schools number flashed up, and I hoped it was just admin.  But it was one of those calls you hope not to get.  When you hear the words ‘now, don’t worry but…’ the first thing you do is worry!

‘Charlie’s been hit on the head, it was an accident.  There’s quite a gash and its bleeding quite profusely.  We thought you might want to take him to A&E.’

Charlie had been playing football with his mates when another pupil threw a broken hairbrush handle and it hit him on the head, sharp end first.

I drove as carefully as I could, trying to stay calm, not speed.  When I arrived to collect him he looked a mess – heads bleed so much!  The staff had patched him up with a dressing but it needed looking at.  Our doctors is very close to the school but closed that afternoon.  I telephoned the sister surgery, not too far away.  Could I bring him there?  A&E seemed a bit of overkill.  It had stopped bleeding, just needed a check.  They said come straight here.

Luckily the practice nurse had a paramedic there on a training day and they had everything ready for him when we got there.  They cleaned him up and stuck his head back together, checked he wasn’t concussed – maybe a little bit (but hard to tell as he loves a drama and was lapping up the attention!)  He had a nice clean dressing and went home asking if we could stop at the shop on the way home for ice-cream!

The school were at pains to tell me that it had been an accident but the pupil had been reprimanded for throwing things.  Charlie had already told them not to worry, he knew it was an accident, held no grudges and neither did I.  Accidents happen. Children do daft things and learn from the consequences.  Charlie had got a day and a half off school, ice cream and lots of attention – he was fine!

Stay safe!


Steph x

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