I saw Her glow.

I was driving back from the co op when I drove between two couples chatting across the road. One woman was talking animatedly, her face aglow with… with what? She looked happy, content, was smiling and making others smile. She had an inner beauty that was shining through and lighting up the world around her.

And I, for a moment was jealous. I felt tired, frumpy and lonely. I’d had a haircut to try and give myself a boost – I hated it. I’d had my nails painted to cheer myself up – it was ok until I realised I was stuck with bright red nails all the time, when sometimes I felt like showing my bare nails, my bare self. Why had I thought that these cosmetic changes would make me feel better? They weren’t making me a better person, they were a quick fix, a cover up, a distraction from doing the real work. What I really needed to do was nurture my soul.

I went home and arranged a call with my friends then did something creative. Next I went for a walk beside the river, then I meditated and I gave myself some time alone to reflect and journal. If I want to glow from inside I have to light something within. I have to practice self love, nurture my Magick. I realised that all those practices that normally keep me balanced and resilient had fallen by the wayside in this time of Covid strangeness. I had forgotten to look after my soul and it was showing. No amount of surface primping was hiding my neglected inner self.

I’m getting back on track and finding my way back to me.

My top practices for self love are:

Meditation, journalling, creativity, nature, like-minded human contact.

I hope you have your self love tools close to hand.

Stay safe and raise each other up.

Steph x

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