Radical Self Love.

Guilt, shame, indignation, self love, sisterhood and baggy trousers – I’ve got it all going on this morning!

I have a pair of trousers that I bought last year and haven’t worn because they skim my belly. I love the colour and pattern and wide legged shape but because they show the shape of my body I’ve avoided them.

Today I am on my own so I chose to wear them knowing that no one will see my shameful saggy belly. While doing my morning Reiki self healing practice I was guided to place my hands on my belly. I usually try to avoid touching that area of my body and flinch if someone else touches it. So much guilt and shame carried around because of the stretch marks and saggy skin left behind from carrying my precious children. Which has in turn lead me to ignore and mistreat my poor body. The gentle power of Reiki helped me to see that I cannot heal within myself what I do not love. I know it’s not going to be an instant thing but I am going to make the effort to love even the saggy parts of myself.

This realisation also lead me to feel full of indignation on behalf of all women who are shamed into hating their precious bodies because they don’t look ‘perfect’. I know that the guilt, shame and self loathing that I carry is not just mine but also generations of women before me and millions of women walking the planet now, who’ve felt the same. By healing ourselves we heal the generations past and future and send healing out to our sisters to rise above all that body shaming bull$#!t.

You are beautiful inside and out. Shine on Sisters.36929116_1304581146340522_6505652968308604928_n

My inspiration.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inspiration.”

viewing the world from a new angle gives a fresh perspective.
viewing the world from a new angle gives a fresh perspective.

Being outside, on the beach, in the woods or in a field.  Just being in nature calms and restores me and allows me time and space to think, readjust, breathe, release old ideas and worries and make space for new ideas and plans.   I find myself again, reconnect with who I am and what I’m doing and go back at it with a renewed excitement for life and sense of purpose.

Grounding is important to me, I like to feel my feet on the ground or in the water.

Big skies and open spaces speak of so many possibilities and adventures.

Big skies and open spaces.


Even mud looks beautiful when the sun shines on it.
Even mud looks beautiful when the sun shines on it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I enjoyed this prompt as it reminded me how lucky I am to live where I do.