Solitary Sanctuary


Being Solitary is not always a bad thing.  It’s important to spend time alone, with your thoughts.  It gives you a chance to get to know yourself, check in to see how you are doing, gain perspective, change old ways, make new goals and to just enjoy being.

I find it empowering to be totally alone and realise that I’m ok.  I hope that my children feel the same sense of comfort as they learn to be self reliant and independent.  All we can do as parents is love our children unconditionally and do our best to prepare them.  I love to see my boys testing themselves and discovering joy in what they learn and achieve.  Learning to be comfortable in their own company is important too.  One of my highest hopes for them is that they feel happy in their own skin.

Wishing you peace and joy in your self.



Little lights

I love shiny, sparkly things, maybe I should have been a Magpie?  I also love recycling things so I saved these little jars that came filled with yummy pudding and made them into tea light holders.

First I painted them with glass paint, using several shades of each colour and swirling them together to get a nice effect.  I baked them in  the oven to set the glass paint then enjoyed choosing the shiny glass beads in lovely jewell colours to match the glass paint. I threaded them onto jewellery wire and clamped them into place with those little clamp beads (I’m sure they have a name but I can’t remember it!) and my jewellery pliers.

I didn’t take a photo of them in daylight but I gave them to a friend and took pictures when she had lit them.

Ooh, Shiny!

Namaste x

One more voice.

I have wanted to curl up, turn my back to the world and bury my head in the sand.  I want to ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world and I’m privileged that I can.  I can turn off the news and choose not to see the ugly hatred and I’m lucky that it doesn’t reach me.  Because I have white skin so I’m not judged by my skin colour or treated differently because of it.  And I live in an area where the majority of people really couldn’t care less about race, or at least it doesn’t come up, it’s not talked about.  whether thats because it’s not an issue or because it’s under the surface I don’t know, because as I said, it doesn’t affect me.  I didn’t ask for this privilege but I have it through accident of birth.  As much as part of me would like to say ‘that’s not my fault so why should I care?’ I do care.

As much as I’d like to say It doesn’t affect me because I can switch the TV off; it does affect me.

It does affect me.  It fills me with shame, it feels icky and uncomfortable and sad.  I am bewildered by the level of hatred that people feel over something as arbitrary as skin colour.  It scares me and I want to hide from it.

That’s the honest truth, and I have tried hiding from it.  I’ve turned off the TV and not read the news but it’s still there and I still know it’s happening.  It may be thousands of miles away from me but I can still feel it.  So it’s time to Unfurl , pull my head out of it’s cosy patch of sand and speak about it.


To even write the term ‘white supremacy’ makes me feel physically sick, I am actually shaking as I write this as I just can’t fathom how humans can feel such a way about their fellow humans.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  I love the rich diversity that is the human race.  I’m interested in people; all people.  I respect and celebrate differences, they’re not a source of fear to me.  I just don’t understand how the human race can be as advanced as we are in some ways and so backwards in others and still have such ridiculous ideas about race.  We are one race; the human race.

I don’t know what I can do from my privileged corner of the world to make any change.  I blog about respecting others and talk about living and loving alongside each other as one big Human family.  But the truth is when it comes to it I don’t know what to do.  How can I make a difference?  how do you convince people with such deeply entrenched beliefs and hatred that there is another way? and how can I do it from here?

I don’t know what I can do and it feels helpless but I am adding my voice to the thousands of others who are standing up against racism, hatred and violence.

mandela Quote

I’ve always loved the Mandela Quote that Obama tweeted recently (I’m not on twitter but my husband told me), it is so true.  I have worked with children for many years and they love much more easily than they hate.  I hope that the children witnessing the hatred being exposed right now in the world will have the strength and sense to see it for what it is and will have the courage to rise above it and build a better future for the planet.  I hope that the next generation will follow their instincts and love instead of hate.

Luther King quote

I am sending out love and hoping and praying for peace and harmony for ALL people on earth.  It feels a bit pathetic to share a few quotes and talk about love in the face of something so huge and ugly and terrifying but it’s something that I can do.  It’s better than silence.  It’s one more voice.

Namaste x

Cave of the Priestess

Cave of Priestesses

Deep and dark, strong and bright,

Soul bearers,

Song singers,

Story Weavers.

Women of fire;

Sparks in the smoke,

Feet in the Earth.

Dancing life with Wisdom;

to our rhythm.

Carried you in our belly,

Nourished you at our breast,

We walk within you still,

We are the fire that inspires you.

We are the water within you;

pulled buy the moon.

We can be heard in your song,

Our beat pulses in your dance,

Our rhythm is in your blood.

The dust of our bones is your ground,

plant yourself there

and grow.

Stephanie Drane 2017

I don’t often share my channelled words but I was recently prompted to do so.




© Stephanie Drane 2017

Namaste x

Elemental Landscape



My spiritual practice includes honouring nature and the elements that make up our Earth so to be within a landscape that encompasses all of the elements feels very comfortable and balanced to me.  Each element teaches us different qualities and supports and guides us if we look to it for inspiration.

This is a very special place for me and at sunset -a magical time between light and dark- Earth, Air, Fire and Water are brought together beautifully.


Namaste x


Traditionally Authentic, Authentically Traditional?


A lot of what I do has it’s roots in tradition.

The types of massage that I practice are evolved from ancient traditions in various countries, religions and cultures.  When I first started to learn these various methods I questioned whether it was authentic to me.  I felt a bit fraudulent, for example practicing Indian Head Massage when I’ve never even been to India.

This rankled with me for a while as it’s important to me to be my authentic self.  However I have continued to learn and practice these diverse traditional methods as they feel right to me.  They come naturally and make sense to me.  Why should I say no to practicing something that is wonderful and beneficial just because of where it originated?   After all, I believe and truly feel that the Human family is just that, one big family, sharing our rich heritage, bringing a myriad of experiences, beliefs and truths together.  It is up to each individual to choose their path amongst the wealth of ways of existing that we collectively create.

To get through this block I went back to what I know to be true, peeled away all judgements based on boundaries and keeping small.  I now trust my instincts and choose what I practice and incorporate into my life based on with what makes me grow and learn, speaks the highest truth to me and resonates with my highest self.   I would never dream of making judgements on what other people do based on cultural heritage so why would I impose those restrictions on myself?

So that’s my spiritual and holistic practice, what about my customs?

Most of my celebrations are around Traditional festivals.  The wheel of the year followed by many is a modern take on ancient times when we celebrated what we experienced; mainly the changing weather, seasons and harvests.  Many of the festivals we celebrate now and the ways we observe them have almost lost their original meaning and symbolism.  This is sad in a way, that old ways are lost to us.  However we are ever changing and evolving and each generation adds their own twist on things, each family has their own traditions and pass them on, with each individual interpreting them in their own way according to their beliefs and experiences.  Even when the original meanings of customs has been lost in time there is still truth in them because they have evolved with us, growing and changing as each generations truth is added to the last.

Some of my own traditions, authentic to me.

The Human race, over aeons of generations has created a really rich and diverse array of  religions, cultures, festivals, holy days, customs, and special occasions and  a multitude of fun, sacred, life affirming, spiritually, mentally and physically fulfilling ways to celebrate them.  Enough that we can all pick the ones that resonate with us and observe them in the way we see fit.  We are lucky to live in such a state, all we need to do in return for this abundant heritage is to respect others as they pick their path through beside us.  There are so many paths that can be taken through our bounteous human life it would be wasteful and disrespectful for every single person to choose the same one.  When searching, the most effective way is to spread out.  We are all here searching life experiences, lets spread out and each take a different path, we’ll cover more ground, find more treasures and learn more truths that way.  I hope we get to compare notes on the other side – and maybe we get to come back and try a different route next time?

I hope that whatever path you take and however you celebrate and honour it, that you find abundance, peace and joy in it.

Namaste x


Embracing the Inner Goddess


Our busy lifestyle quite often leads us to lose touch with our selves.  All too often juggling our responsibilities and keeping up with everything means our identity goes adrift along with our self confidence, sense of fun and ability to enjoy just being.  
This is why I have created a new massage experience unique to Angelic Hands, using tried and trusted, traditional massage techniques along with other holistic methods to help you to get back in touch with you:
My new ‘Goddess Anointing Ritual‘ encourages women to take time out to nurture their mind body and soul. This relaxing treatment is all about embracing the Inner Goddess.  
 My clients lay enrobed in a soft sarong, surrounded by the beautiful energy of crystals and soothing music, and make this offering to their Inner Goddess while I anoint their head, hands and feet with a blend of essential oils chosen for their nourishing, feminine properties and Fragrance.  
Clients enjoy the divine aroma and deep relaxation as I massage their face hands and feet using a range of traditional techniques. This ritual also incorporates Tingsha bells and Reiki energy, channelled with the intention to revitalise the mind, heal the body and uplift the soul. 
Namaste x

My place in the Earth


I realised recently that I have spent a large proportion of my life physically in touch with the earth.  Whether it’s walking barefoot, paddling in a muddy river or digging for work or fun, I’m quite often found in the earth.

I spent a lot of my childhood in the soil too; growing up on a smallholding meant daily opportunities to dig and make mud pies, and of course watch things grow, nurture, harvest and eat them.

Although we don’t have the same amount of outdoor space at home, our sons are lucky to have space to be in the earth at their Grandparents and in the area we live.

There’s treasure, fun and joy to be found in the Earth. 

As well as being grounding, having physical contact with the earth through playing and working in the soil helps us to actually feel our place on the earth.  we can experience what it is to be part of a food chain and a life cycle, we can see our place in the vast ecosystem that is our planet.  It helps us to realise our personal place within the earth is real, valid and important.  To experience this at an early age must help develop a sense of self, confidence and personal validity within a young person.  It should also foster a sense of responsibility as part of our planet, to nurture and protect it.

To learn at a young age  that you matter: you are part of something that is affected by your actions, you make a difference to what is happening around you, you influence your surroundings just by being there, must have a positive effect on personal and spiritual growth and mental health.   It makes us aware of the consequences of our actions and interactions, and more mindful of the impact we have on others and the planet.  As well as giving us a very real and achievable way of finding balance within and peace of mind.  All I need to do to feel better about myself and to find my sense of place on the Earth is to get outside and feel the Earth beneath my feet.

My hope for my children as they grow up is that they can find their sense of belonging and validity in nature and their connection to the earth.  In these days where social media can be a very large part of how we perceive and value ourselves – when the number of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ we have affects our confidence, sense of self and our happiness – I’m so glad my children are learning to value themselves in reality and find their joy in digging holes in the soil and making mud pies.

When I kiss them goodnight and notice the mud under their fingernails it’s tempting to beat myself up for letting them down in the 20 minutes before bed when I didn’t check them in the bathroom.  But I can’t help but smile, my boys are creatures of the earth, that’s where they belong and that’s where they’ll find their joy and themselves.  It’s not such a bad thing if they carry a little bit of it with them as a reminder of where they belong.

Wishing you joy in your place on our beautiful Earth.




A Walk With My Wild Side


When I think of the word ‘savage’ I think of the primitive and uncivilised.  At first the word seems to have negative connotations; who wants to be thought of in that light?

But then I thought about my savage side, the part of me that is untamed and wild.  The barefoot who walks free in nature, stares in awe at the stars and submerges herself in rivers for comfort.  Sometimes when everything in my civilised, responsible Mum, Wife, Business Owner, life is getting a bit much I need to escape to nature to restore myself.  I have to reconnect with the Wild Me who has been shut away and told to behave while the sensible Responsible Me gets on with ‘stuff’.

After a week of being efficient, helpful, capable and responsible I needed half an hour alone  barefoot in a field yesterday – blissful reconnection with Wild Me.

Maybe the secret is to marry these sides of me together so that they can walk through my life hand in hand; dealing with ‘stuff’ together. Using the primitive instinct and fiery creativity of Wild Me alongside the sensible consideration of Responsible Me might prove effective?

Something to work on….

….watch out, I’m getting my savage on!

Namaste x

Welcome To July Blog Party & Book Cover Reveal

Join the party!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Welcome to July’s blog party and the book cover reveal of my second poetry book.

Party Time

Can you believe that we are already done with the 1st half of this year? It’s been a roller-coaster year, but we must keep thankful for where we are, for each day and the opportunities that come our way.

Let’s kick in the next half with good positive vibes, motivation, focus, and gratitude.

I would love to thank all my newly acquired blogger friends. I appreciate your taking the time to connect with me on my blog. This is a blog that offers the opportunity to connect with others through monthly blog parties, featured posts,posts that caught my interest and author zone. Feel free to avail yourself of any of these opportunities.

I believe that we grow by supporting each other and I hope that you find that support here.

Do make yourself comfortable. Refreshments…

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