Bio: Hi, I'm Steph, I live with my Husband and two sons. I am a Reiki Channel and Spiritual Artist. I love being a Mum, I cherish my time with my Husband and loved ones. I’m interested in the natural world, I like cooking for friends, being outdoors, walking barefoot, dancing, magic, laughing, reading, talking with friends, chocolate, meditating, star gazing, swimming in rivers and oceans and being creative. I enjoy the time I spend on my ‘Angelic Hands’ holistic practice and I like to support other local businesses, I try to think and act green and ethically and I love finding out about how others address this and incorporate it into their lives. The purpose of this blog is to have more of those cosy, friendly chats where you feel you’ve really connected and find each other interesting and care about each other’s viewpoints; I just want a nice chat with some lovely people. I enjoy the process of meeting and getting to know people and believe we are all one Earth family, here to raise each other up. Thank you for coming, please join in the conversation.

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