I’ve been experimenting with different scrying methods and also with black and white photos (I don’t have a camera so use my phone), this is a Crystal ball on a mirror.

In this crystal ball I see two people standing one in front of the other, maybe a small child in a skirt in front of them and possibly a very large wing on the left. Or is it a person sitting on a chair with a child on their lap? Tilting my head the other way I see a Dragon with it’s mouth open and a moth or dragonfly.  There’s a person walking away, obscured by one black and one white leaf. in the reflection of the ball I see a figure on the left standing in shadow and maybe another one further away. I’m not sure what the thing in the middle is – a hand pointing upwards? a church? a chiminea?

What does it all mean – if anything at all?  I’ll have to look up the meanings, meditate on it and trust my instincts.

What do you see?




I Believe…..

in the goodness of people,

that our children are the future,

in the power of love,

in the human family,


that our planet is precious,

in Angels,

that good will prevail,

in common sense,

in healing,

that childhood is not just preparation for adulthood,

that there is good to be found everywhere,

in respect and courtesy,

that honesty is the best policy,

that you should trust your instincts,

in listening,

in family (whatever form that takes),

in friendship,

in equality,

in laughter,

in magik and mystery

in good times,

in karma,

that balance is important,

in the power of touch,

in the cycle of life and all things,

that as long as you harm none, do as you will,

in spirits,

that all beliefs deserve respect,

we can achieve world peace,

in you.


Namaste x

From Whoops into Warm!

I recently found out what happens when you Disobey the washing instructions on a woollen top.  Whoops! It shrunk and felted itself into a small, matted mess.

However it was a beautiful Autumnal, rich deep red colour and a warm, soft texture and I can’t bear throwing things away, so I couldn’t resist keeping it to see what I could do with it.

This is how I re-imagined and re-loved my shrunken jumper…

IMG_1505The great thing about felted knits is that you can cut them without having to hem the edges.  So I thought I’d have a go at creating a scarf/hood type thing for myself.

IMG_1506I cut the sleeves off and around the buttons in a kind of pointy way, obviously, being me, there was no template, measuring or symmetry.  This is what I like to think of as a very organic (chaotic) way of creating!


I tried it over my head and decided it needed another point so I used the off cut bit from the back of the jumper between where I’d cut the points and stitched it on.  It looks a bit weird played out like this but once it’s draped over my shoulders it looks ok.  I had a ball of wool in complementary colours so I added a crocheted edge.


It was a bit tricky to get the crochet needle through the felted knit so I used a skewer to help.


I added a scalloped edge to the other end (that used to be the bottom of the jumper and is now the edge of the hood).  I love the way this wool subtly changes colour throughout.


This is the finished result, I’m looking forward to wearing this when it gets colder.  It’ll liven up my boring winter coat too.  I may crochet a matching flower corsage to pin to it.

I love it when I save something from going into landfill and create something useful with it instead.

Namaste x


Experimenting with Expressing.

I’ve recently been playing around with using my paintings and the words I receive with them to create inspiring and uplifting images (I think people call them memes?).

I used to worry that people would think I’m Peculiar if I shared these ideas and feelings that come to me and that I’d be judged on what I said, wrote and did. But as I’ve got older I’ve learned to embrace not only own my uniqueness, but everyone else’s too.  This is who I am, these are my thoughts and ideas and this is what I create.  If people like what I create thats great.  Of course there will be some people who don’t like or understand what I do and and that’s fine, it’s not meant for them and there’s so much else for them to enjoy because theres a lot of people out there expressing themselves in wonderful ways.

beautiful you.png

Wishing you joy in being you.

Namaste x


For This Investment the Return is Priceless.


There is nothing on earth that is worth more to me that my family.  Time spent with them is Priceless.

We’re not perfect and we have to put thought, effort and time into maintaining a harmonious family relationship, but it’s worth every moment of struggle, confusion, compromise and patience.


We make the time most weekends to go for a walk together.  It brings us together and gives us a neutral place to discuss stuff and share whats going on in our lives as well as the time and space to just muck about and laugh together. This time is precious to me; I’m aware that there will likely come a time that the boys don’t want to do this with us anymore.  Hopefully this time spent putting in firm foundations with them now will pay off as they grow up and become more independent.

Namaste x

Magnetic Vibes.

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts are Magnetic.  Our thoughts become our reality by manifesting.  Like attracts like so it’s important to exude the vibrations that you’d like to attract.  For example if we value peace and harmony but focus our thoughts on drama and gossip (which is more often than not disharmonious),  we are not aligning our thoughts and actions with our values and will be attracting to our lives that which we are giving attention to instead of what we really want.

Raise your vibration by getting out in nature, taking time out to relax, meditation, yoga and other energy moving exercises, helping others, caring for the planet and having intentional, positive thoughts.

Focus on things that make you smile, uplift your mind, relax your body, things that you are grateful for and what makes you feel well, balanced and happy.

Align your vibes with your values

Sending you happy vibes,

Namaste x



The Womb Journey.


I have a very clear memory of having a sudden realisation at the age of eleven, that now I had become a woman, my body moved with the moon and the earth.  I felt part of something vast and mysterious.  It intrigued me that women who spend a lot of time together usually end up synchronising and bleeding together and we quite often bleed with the full or new moon, it’s as though our bodies know stuff that we don’t.  I’ve tried listening to and tuning in to that secret and sacred knowledge on and off ever since

Angelic Hands - August 2017 - 006.jpg
Womb Journey.

It’s a journey that excites and intrigues, I discover layer after layer, peeling away old beliefs and self imposed constraints.  I discover and dissolve false opinions and stigmas  and in doing so heal myself and my ancestral Mother line.

The journey no longer scares me like it used to, I revel in each new discovery, I am finding so many ways to express and honour my true essence.

It’s a beautiful journey and the best thing is there is no wrong way because the destination is myself.


Namaste x

Solitary Sanctuary


Being Solitary is not always a bad thing.  It’s important to spend time alone, with your thoughts.  It gives you a chance to get to know yourself, check in to see how you are doing, gain perspective, change old ways, make new goals and to just enjoy being.

I find it empowering to be totally alone and realise that I’m ok.  I hope that my children feel the same sense of comfort as they learn to be self reliant and independent.  All we can do as parents is love our children unconditionally and do our best to prepare them.  I love to see my boys testing themselves and discovering joy in what they learn and achieve.  Learning to be comfortable in their own company is important too.  One of my highest hopes for them is that they feel happy in their own skin.

Wishing you peace and joy in your self.